I'm Samuel Warner.


You probably came here to read blogs or look at my work…

And I am really glad - but let’s break the ice.

My name is Sam Warner, and I am a software developer.

I recently graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Computer Science. This provided me with experience in a wide range of theory, software and hardware solutions, which I put to use daily.

Moreover, I am extremely passionate about volunteering and helping young students from all walks of life have the best chance they can to realise their full potential.

In both my work and personal life, I have shown myself to be a leader with a proven track record for translating high level ideas, concepts and events in to slick and successful systems and experiences. I also have a high personal standard I hold myself to. This involves dedicating free time every month to improving and helping out in my local area, continually educating myself professionally and personally, and satisfying my inquisitive side through reading and travel.

My key areas of experience include software development and consultancy across a variety of applications and contexts, each of which have taken place in a forward-thinking and agile environment.

If you are more interested in discussing my experience, would be interested in using my services, or have a great cause I can contribute to, please get in contact with me.